• Travelogue Normandy by motorhome stage 4
  • Travelogue Normandy by motorhome stage 4
  • Travelogue Normandy by motorhome stage 4

Stage 4

Of fresh apples and fishermen without a boat

The next day begins with a hearty breakfast in our rented motorhome and a visit to a cidery. Normandy is not only the scene of historical events, but also a region rich in culinary delights. The mild climate, favored by the Gulf Stream, not only allows palm trees to flourish, but also produces rich apple and pear harvests. The Norman "Cidre" is just as world-famous as its high-proof relative, the "Calvados", which received its name from the region from which it originates.

In small (or larger) companies, the abundant apple harvests are processed into tasty beverages such as the well-known cider, an aperitif called "pommeau", liqueur or even the incomparable calvados. We stock up on some cider and set off for the western coast of Normandy, which is very different from the east coast. Barely a hundred kilometers apart, the clocks in the west tick completely differently. Here, the coast impresses with endless sandy beaches, picturesque dune landscapes, the cultivation of carrots and leeks, and the breeding of a particularly sought-after animal: the oyster.

This means nothing more than "fishing on foot" and gives man the opportunity to return to his roots as a hunter-gatherer. Armed with a bucket and a rake, everyday vacationers and residents march into the intertidal zone as soon as the water recedes and comb through the substrate. Why they do this becomes clear when you approach one of them.

Here, small cockles are dug out of the subsoil, small crabs, sea snails and other creatures can be found in the buckets, and if you are particularly lucky, you will find an oyster in your bucket that has hatched from the net at one of the nearby oyster beds and anchored itself elsewhere. In order not to endanger the population of marine fauna, there are strict rules for "fishing on foot". Boards on the beach not only tell you what you can catch on the spot, but also how much of it you are allowed to take with you.

Through a shower we walk back to the camper and are happy about the well-functioning heating, which helps us to get warm again quickly. Tonight we have a big feast. Thanks to the wedges in the "garage" of the camper we can just auasrichten our rolling house, so that when frying the oil does not run together in one side of the pan.

We prepare a fish pan with different kinds of fish, squid, scallops and scampi served together with fresh vegetables in a cream sauce. This is accompanied by fragrant rice. The kitchen offers enough space and thanks to the roof ventilation in the camper, the smells are gone in no time. So is the pan of fish, by the way. The most romantic moment of the day is then the sunset, which is extensively photographed by all participants of the travel group.