Weber certified grill course live 2023

In cooperation with Ted Aschenbrandt and the team from Café Kostbar we offer the following dates:

Tuesday, 26.09.2023 - Webers BBQ Course 109,-€ p.P.

Wednesday, 27.09.2023 - Webers BBQ Course 109,-€ p.P.

All dates start at 5 pm and last approx. 4 hours.
Food and non-alcoholic cold drinks and 2 vouchers for wine or beer per participant included!

Bookings gladly by phone at 0 26 54/940 90, via mail to or via our contact form!

In case of cancellation of a booking we charge: from 30 days before the event 50% and from 14 days before the event 100% of the seminar costs.

Webers BBQ Grill Course

Experience a unique experience of the American barbecue culture in the BBQ grill course. Our grill master will open up the opportunity for you to create a perfect grill menu the traditional way.

From Ceasars Style Chicken Wraps to Port Ribs to Mac'n Cheese Macaroni - America meets Weber Grill Course. Experience the typical American barbecue.

Appetizer: BBQ Flambé

Snacks: Caeser-Style / Chicken Wrap / Tri-Tip-Roast

Main course: Country-Style Pork Ribs / Homemade BBQ Sauce / Grilled Pointed Cabbage Coleslaw / Dutch Oven Mac 'n Cheese

Dessert: Apple Crumble

Weber's Grill Bible Course

Let us take you on a culinary journey! From Italy to Persia to Germany - let the coveted Weber Grill books inspire you.

Enjoy the different grill flavors and the variety that the world of grilling offers you. Finally, a sweet flabascho awaits you, a tarte flambée that dances on your tongue. An experience you will not forget!

Appetizer: Rustic Bruschetta

Main course: Pork loin with sour cherry glaze / Potato salad with pistachio pesto / Swiss chard feta mushrooms.

Snacks: Persian chicken skewers / Steaks

Dessert: Flabascho

Webers Party Grill Course

Let your party really set the scene with a barbecue menu! Tasty dishes, prepared so that the grill in no time.

From a summer salad to stuffed pointed peppers to a carrot-mango soup, any grilled food will succeed on the grill, and we'll show you how easy it is. The pinnacle of party delicacies: spicy puff pastries.

Appetizer: Spanish-style tarte flambée

Main course: Salt roast with mustard crust / Summery Schupfnudelsalat / Pointed peppers stuffed with feta cheese.

Snacks: Carrot-mango soup / Steaks

Dessert: Fruity and spicy puff pastries