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  • Travelogue Normandy with motorhome
  • Travelogue Normandy with motorhome


Traveling with the motorhome from Niesmann Caravaning

If you fancy a vacation of a special kind, you should consider a motorhome vacation. Impossible? Too expensive? But not at all! If you enjoy being on the road and want to be flexible when traveling, motorhomes for rent are just the right choice and Niesmann Caravaning is the best partner. We make the test on the example and travel for one week with two motorhomes of the travel specialist from Polch.

One can travel these days with many camper vans, there are them in innumerable price and equipment classes. Who wants to enjoy however a carefree vacation, the renting campers with the professional are recommended. The vacation already begins in the caravaning headquarters of Niesmann Caravaning, which is well attainable close to the freeway A 48. Here we are received and led to our mobile home. Our friends, who are also traveling with us in a motorhome, are picked up by another employee and so we experience very individual introductions to our multifunctional motorhome.

In recent years, an enormous amount has happened in the mobile home market. The increasing popularity of traveling with the mobile vacation home has also contributed to the fact that there are many innovations and improvements. Nowadays, the traveler does not have to give up anything, travel by motorhome no longer means compromising on comfort as a "payment" for mobility. The motorhome for rent has all the amenities that can be found in an "immobile" vacation home. We are thrilled to learn that we even have an oven in our kitchen - no comparison with the pioneers of mobile cottages, where a wet room was already a special extra.

We travel with a partially integrated motorhome, the Bürstner IXEO 710 G, and a fully integrated mobile from Hymer, the Hymer Exsis-i 588. Both are about seven meters long and weigh less than 3.5 tons, which has the advantage that they are not considered trucks and only height and width are passage limits.

While we move into the partially integrated model, our friends take over the fully integrated motorhome. Our home for the next time not only has a well-equipped kitchen with a three-burner stove, large refrigerator, ample storage space and the aforementioned oven, it also offers comfortable sleeping space for up to four people on its seven meters with sufficient privacy. The main bed is located in the rear of the mobile and is easily accessible with a small ladder and steps, the second double bed can be electrically lowered from the ceiling when needed and does not take up space during the day.

Bathroom and toilet offer the maximum space for each use thanks to an ingenious swivel design. Again, one of the thoughtful improvements that the industry has embraced and implemented.