A house with tradition - over 60 years of Niesmann Caravaning

To become better and better for you, our customers, is our tradition and has always been our strongest motivation!

Accompany us on a short journey through time, how Elfriede and Hugo Niesmann's passion developed into several successful companies:

Niesmann Caravaning - A house with tradition

Niesmann Caravaning looks back on a successful and traditional company history

Founded in 1955 by Hugo and Elfriede Niesmann, the young company on the Middle Rhine very quickly established itself as a quality provider of caravans. A lot of heart and soul, a high work commitment of the whole family and loyal employees let the young company expand rapidly.

The first two decades are characterized by continuous company growth and change. In 1975, at a foreign trade fair in Amsterdam, Hugo Niesmann recognizes that the American motorhome market and his products are significantly more developed. He then decides to offer these products on the German market. Together with his son Carl-Heinz Niesmann and his son-in-law Rainer Bischoff, they decide only a short time later to enter into a cooperation with the American market leader Fleetwood Enterprises. From then on, Niesmann Caravaning becomes the sole importer for the German market.

The company has taken into account the ongoing specialization in all areas of mobile travel and has adapted its corporate structure: In a total of 6 competence centers:

Only 6 years later, Rainer Bischoff convinces his brother-in-law Carl-Heinz Niesmann - inspired by motorhome imports from the U.S.A. - of his then bold plan to produce premium vehicles tailored to the European market himself. Nothing less than the best motorhome for a demanding clientele was to be developed and built: the company Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH was born!

Further years pass in record speed and even the biggest dreams come true: with the CLOU by Niesmann+Bischoff a real success story succeeds, which is still unparalleled today. Looking back, the cohesion of the families Ingrid and Rainer Bischoff with Ruth and Carl-Heinz Niesmann in the early years is one of the main factors of success.

With the steady rise of the Niesmann+Bischoff brand, the founders increasingly realize that only a strong partner can exploit the full potential and open up further markets. For their part, other market players recognize the jewel that this young company near Koblenz holds, and so in 1992, after eleven years of extremely successful development and marketing, an offer from the former supplier Fleetwood Enterprises (USA) to take over the life's work as a guarantee for further growth and corporate success can no longer be refused. Fleetwood itself passed on its shares to the Hymer Group in 1995, so that since then Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH has been a wholly owned subsidiary with no financial or personnel links to our company.

We are very pleased about the sustained success of Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH, which developed from a vision of the pioneers Rainer Bischoff and Carl-Heinz Niesmann.

Even though a lot of attention was paid to the new company during these years, the families did not forget the core of the company - the trading operation. On the contrary, the trading operation also set out for further expansion in the 1990s. The aspiration to become a showcase company in the motorhome trade as well as the desire for better accessibility for customers lead to a move to a company designed according to the most modern aspects to the current company location at the entrance to Polch, directly on the A 48 freeway from Koblenz to Trier and thus close to the Koblenz freeway junction (A 48 / A 61). An ideal location on one of the main European axes for through traffic from north to south and east to west.

The consistent expansion of the service portfolio and the determined implementation of the vision to create the Niesmann brand worlds as a comprehensive experience area for leisure and camping under one roof for the valued customers lead to further company successes in the following years. Since the mid-2000s, for example, Haus Niesmann has been the first address for premium motorhomes of the Concorde brand in Germany and far beyond; in 2018, the management and employees can be pleased about the award "10 years most successful Concorde dealer in a row".

With the gradual takeover of the company by Dirk Fohr in the years 2015 to 2018, another chapter in the company's history is opened and the continuity of the house of Niesmann Caravaning as a pure family business is secured.

Constant will to change, put in the cradle by the founding couple Elfriede and Hugo Niesmann, and the unconditional striving for the best performance for the customers still characterize the offer and the work attitude today.

The company has taken into account the continuous specialization in all areas of mobile travel and has adapted the company structure. In the total of 6 competence centers:

  • Vehicle trade,
  • vehicle service,
  • vehicle rental,
  • camping accessories & equipment,
  • outdoor clothing and
  • barbecue and grill trade

Niesmann customers experience top-quality advice, selection and customer service.

Today, Niesmann Caravaning is one of the most modern caravanning centers in Europe and has an excellent reputation for meeting individual customer requirements. In the process, motorhome owners and outdoor enthusiasts benefit from the company's many years of experience, reliability and versatility.