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65 years of Niesmann Caravaning

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Passionate explorers, connoisseurs of life, motorhome and caravanning fans should feel in good hands with us in all things related to their favorite hobby. Customer-oriented advice is just as much a matter of course for Niesmann Caravaning as a specialist dealer and service provider with over 65 years of experience in the industry as the comprehensive product range.

Founded in 1955, the family business has developed into one of the leading all-round suppliers in Europe. With around 90 employees and approx. 21,000 square meters of sales and experience area at the Polch site near Koblenz, we know how to fulfill all wishes in the field of mobile leisure.

These include a large selection of new caravans from Fendt and Hobby, among others, as well as camping vehicles in the panel van category from VANTourer. In the motorhome sector, vehicles from Bürstner, Sunlight, Concorde and Hymer are available for viewing.

When buying and selling used cars, we focus less on the brand than on the condition and equipment of a vehicle. In the sense of our customers we pay attention here to security and quality.

The same applies to our rental division: Here, in cooperation with the ADAC, we only offer as-new caravans, mobile homes and motorhomes with excellent equipment and a complete all-round service.

The basis for all this is our absolute strength: our modern, industry-wide unique master body store, where caravans and motor homes are carefully upgraded, repaired and maintained with a lot of technical know-how.

In order to set up perfectly beyond the travel vehicle, caravanning fans will find an excellently assortedcamping and caravanning accessories and outdoor storeof which we are particularly proud. Because here, too, our friendly, qualified specialist staff help our visitors find the equipment that suits their needs.

We round off our uniqueness with our BBQ and Grill Center, which will be expanded to over 250 square meters in 2019, with an unparalleled selection of leading brands and with dedicated staff who love outdoor cooking!

Advisory expertise, selection and service performance - an interplay for which we have received numerous awards and accolades. We are also a respected member of the DCHV (Deutscher Caravan Handels-Verband - German Caravan Trade Association) and are constantly working to remain one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of mobile leisure.

As a founding member ofInterCaravaningEurope's largest service association of independent caravanning dealers, we remain thought leaders in our industry and are continuously committed to its digitalization and further professionalization.

Our vision:

We bring independence, discovery and joie de vivre into the lives of our customers!

Our mission:

In Germany, we offer the most comprehensive experience in the field of mobile leisure and are constantly working to expand our leadership positions on a European level as well.

Our strategy:

Niesmann Caravaning is divided into six equal competence areas, which are managed independently and successfully:

Vehicle Trade

Vehicle service

Vehicle rental

Camping store

Outdoor Shop

BBQ & Grill

In the interest of our customers, only selected, reliable trade partners with strong and well-known brands find their way into our trade assortment.

Vehicle trade

At Niesmann, all market segments are represented, so we can offer the right mobile for every budget and purpose:

  • Caravans
  • Camper vans
  • Motorhomes
  • New vehicles
  • Former rental vehicles
  • Used vehicles
  • Price l. Entry level segment
  • Medium segment
  • Luxury segment

As a leading representative of Concorde motorhomes, we occupy a top position in the land yachting sector in Europe.

In our showroom you can constantly find all floor plans and furnishings of the market leader for luxury motorhomes.

We live the following values:

1. performance

In the world of mobile leisure, we provide outstanding services. Our customers should not only be satisfied, they should be thrilled!


2. fairness & commitment

We run our business honestly, reliably and fairly and see ourselves as customer consultants and problem solvers, not as salesmen, rental companies or "screwers". We listen to our customers! Our employees are motivated, committed and team-oriented. They use their knowledge and skills to find new and better solutions. We are therefore happy to promote their further training as well as their personal responsibility. Even good things can be improved!


3. a team

We live the values of our trading partners and strive for a long-term cooperation. We treat our employees with a sense of responsibility, the daily interaction remains family-like. Trust, friendship and mutual understanding determine how we live and work together as a team.


4. sustainability

A healthy nature and environment are essential for the caravanning industry. But also out of consideration for future generations we conserve natural resources as best as possible. The use of any kind of energy and water is optimized regardless of the costs incurred, we produce solar power for our own use and pay attention to the avoidance and strict separation of waste.


5. honest customer communication

We meet the demands of our customers without reservation and put ourselves in their shoes. The more benefits we offer, the more successful we will be. We do our best for our customers and are open to constructive criticism. In return, we ask for understanding for the peculiarities of the industry and hope for a solution-oriented cooperation in case of problems. We do not want the customer as king but as partner. And partnership is never one-sided giving.


6. quality

A high quality standard means that we organize individual work processes, coordinate them with each other and make them binding. We cannot accept deviations in these areas. We meet the challenges of implementing new ideas and improvements with tolerance.


7. transparency & leadership

We have clearly structured our company and defined areas of responsibility. Transparency and comprehensive information are ensured. We lead by means of clear communication, target agreement and control.


8. success

In order to secure our jobs and to inspire our customers in the future, economic success is indispensable. We want success.

On this basis, Niesmann Caravaning is today one of the most modern caravanning centers in Europe and has adapted to your demands as customers and people who share our passion.

Your Niesmann Caravaning Team


Our awards

We always work to achieve the highest level of quality. For this commitment we have been regularly awarded - among others by Concorde - for 13 years. In addition, the German Caravaning Trade Association (DCHV) has awarded us the Golden C. With the Golden C, the DCHV regularly honors special achievements in the areas of consulting quality, service and sales.

Below you will find a selection of the most recent certificates and documents.

  • Note bankability Testat Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award most successful Concorde dealer Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award most successful Concorde dealer Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award 10 years most successful Concorde dealer Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award most successful Concorde dealer Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award most successful Concorde dealer Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award most successful Concorde dealer Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award most successful Concorde dealer Niesmann Caravaning
  • Award The Golden C Niesmann Caravaning