Niesmann Caravaning is central bank capable!

Niesmann Caravaning GmbH & Co. KG receives the certificate of central bank capability

But what does it actually mean to be eligible for central bank credit?

Basically, banks and credit companies borrow money from the Deutsche Bundesbank to secure liquidity.

In order for banks to obtain loans, it is necessary to deposit collateral. This can be, for example, assignments of company loans.

However, the Bundesbank does not accept these assignments from all companies, but only from those that have been classified as "eligible".

To obtain this status, the companies are subjected to a comprehensive creditworthiness analysis. The focus of the review is on the last two fiscal years.

The assessment includes not only the pure, hard figures, but also soft aspects such as the future potential for further development of the company.

Niesmann Caravaning GmbH & Co KG was able to convince in the audit as well as in the analysis procedure. The award makes us very proud and certifies our company an excellent credit rating!

This is in every respect also a good signal for our customers and business partners.