• Niesmann Caravaning travel tips
  • Niesmann Caravaning travel tips
  • Niesmann Caravaning travel tips

Our travel tips

For more fun and less stress on the road

  • Book early, especially for families traveling with school-age children, because the number of mobiles is limited.
  • Which mobile is the right one? Feel free to take advantage of the offer to look at a mobile on site, so you know exactly where which space is available.
  • Better to pack too little than too much. Even if a mobile home is a space miracle, if you do not have to lug suitcases, you tend to overdo it. Many campsites nowadays have washing machines that can be used for a small fee. For this reason, usually small luggage is quite enough.
  • Doyou ride a bicycle? Then plan it with pleasure, because it opens up possibly small places for which a motorhome is simply too big. Many of the rental motorhomes from Niesmann Caravaning have a bicycle rack.
  • Ifyou have food intolerances or allergies, you should take advantage of the well-equipped kitchens in the rental motorhomes from NIesmann Caravaning. With an oven you can even bake your own bread. Feel free to mention this wish during the consultation.
  • Good insurance is worth its weight in gold. No matter how hard you try, something can always get broken or an accident can happen. In such cases, additional insurance that reduces or completely covers the personal contribution is worth its weight in gold. You can plan the amount, which is usually manageable, into the travel costs and are protected from unpleasant surprises.
  • Relax well informed Make sure you know what is important for motorhomes in the destination you have chosen. Other countries may have restrictions that do not exist in Germany, it is important to inform yourself early and be prepared for them. Preparing the route and places to stay is also reassuring, but not mandatory.
  • Donot plan everything, because the beauty of a motorhome vacation is spontaneity. Often you experience the most beautiful things always when you have not planned it at all.

And now it only remains to wish you a good trip!