• Travelogue Normandy by motorhome stage 9
  • Travelogue Normandy by motorhome stage 9
  • Travelogue Normandy by motorhome stage 9

Stage 9

From the Renaissance to the Middle Ages

We also notice how maneuverable our mobile is in Amboise the next morning, where we try to reach the parking lot of the castle of the same name. Leonardo da Vinci is buried in Amboise, where he spent the last years of his life, and the town is dedicating exhibitions and festivities to the exceptional genius on the 500th anniversary. We visit the castle Clos Lucé, where Leonardo lived and where today his works are commemorated with an exhibition worth seeing.

We have completed our visit to Leonardo before breakfast, now we are hungry and want fresh baquette. Who says you can't have adventures in a motorhome? And how! We just go for it and end up in Chédigny, a tiny village about 20 kilometers from Amboise and find a jewel.

We've never heard of this place before, let alone thought we'd find such a quaint, flower-filled, enchanted nest here, where there's also a small bakery that makes its baquettes in the old tradition. Surrounded by roses and lush flowers, we have breakfast at the rest area. Thanks to the motorhome, with fresh tea and delicious cold cuts.

Next, we chose a very special destination. Guedélon is located in the department of Yonne and would certainly not be worth mentioning if, yes, if a few scientists had not thought a little more than 20 years ago, it would be a great idea to build a medieval castle, and that too exclusively with the means that were available at the time.

Initially laughed at, the construction site in Guedélon has become an attraction for many people. Since the beginning of the construction work, craftsmen of all kinds gather here to work together on this wonderful project. As they work, they explore ancient crafts that have long since been forgotten these days and allow interested people to watch them at work. In the meantime, the castle is almost finished and anyone who looks at what stonemasons, carpenters, sculptors, painters, potters, rope makers, carpenters and many, many other "old" trades have created will take their hat off.

The road to Guedélon leads through the forested department of Yonne and is worth the trip alone. We drive through pristine forests, the road lined with trees whose branches form a tunnel above the road through which the sunlight sparkles green-gold.

We are thrilled by this beautiful route, which thanks to the motorhome becomes "the destination", so to speak, and which once again shows that traveling with a motorhome not only "decelerates", but also provides experiences and impressions that one would otherwise not have seen when driving by quickly.

After visiting the medieval construction site, we return to a tiny campsite in Toucy in the evening. Here we pay a small fee for the night and listen to the small river Oanne, which ripples lively past our campsite.

Toucy is also one of those small towns that are hardly noticeable in the middle of France. Like many other small towns in France, Toucy takes part in the flower competition and decorates itself from the entrance to the town to the exit with many flower arrangements and flower decorations in all colors and shapes.

Depending on the effort, the village is awarded one to four flower symbols, which they are allowed to list in their entrance sign. Toucy has four flowers in the village sign, an indication that a lot of effort has been put into beautifying the place.