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65 years Niesmann Caravaning



Passionate discoverers, life-lovers, motorhome and caravaning fans should feel well looked after by us in all matters concerning their favourite hobby. For Niesmann Caravaning as a specialist dealer and service provider with more than 65 years of experience in the industry, customer-oriented advice is as natural as the comprehensive product range.  

Founded in 1955, the family business has developed into one of the leading all-round suppliers in Europe. With about 90 employees and approx. 21,000 sqm sales and experience area at the location Polch near Koblenz we know how to fulfil all wishes in the field of mobile leisure.

This includes a large selection of new caravans, including those from Fendt and Hobby, as well as camper vans in the van category from VANTourer the motorhome section, vehicles of the Bürstner, Sunlight,  Concorde and Hymer brands are available for viewing. When buying and selling used cars, we focus less on the brand than on the condition and equipment of a vehicle. In the interest of our customers we pay attention to safety and quality.

The same applies to our rental sector: here, in cooperation with the ADAC, we offer exclusively new caravans, motorhomes and caravans with excellent equipment and a complete all-round service.

The basis for all this is our absolute strength: our modern, industry-wide unique Car body construction master workshop, where caravans and motorhomes are carefully upgraded, repaired and maintained with a lot of technical know-how. 

In order to furnish themselves perfectly beyond the travel vehicle, caravanning fans will find an excellently sorted camping and caravanning accessories and outdoor shop at our company, of which we are particularly proud. Because here, too, our friendly, qualified specialist staff help our visitors to find the right equipment for their needs.

Our uniqueness is rounded off by our BBQ and grill centre, which was extended in 2019 to over 250 square metres with an incomparable selection of leading brands and with dedicated employees who love outdoor cooking!

Consulting expertise, selection and services - a combination for which we have received numerous awards and distinctions. We are also a respected member of the DCHV (Deutscher Caravan Handels-Verband - German Caravan Trade Association) and are constantly working to remain one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of mobile leisure.  

As a founding member of InterCaravaning ,Europe's largest service association of independent caravaning dealers, we remain pioneers in our industry and are constantly committed to its digitalisation and further professionalisation.  

Our vision:

We bring independence, discovery and joie de vivre into the lives of our customers!

Our mission:

In Germany, we offer the most comprehensive world of experience in the mobile leisure sector and are constantly working to expand our leading positions at European level as well.

Our strategy:

Niesmann Caravaning is divided into six equal competence areas which are managed independently and successfully:


In the interest of our customers, only selected, reliable trading partners with strong and well-known brands find their way into our trading assortment.


Vehicle trade

At Niesmann all market segments are represented so that we can offer the suitable mobile for every budget and every purpose:

  • caravan
  • Residential vans
  • Motorhomes
  • Price. Entry level segment
  • Middle segment
  • Luxury segment
  • Price. Entry level segment
  • Middle segment
  • Luxury segment



As the leading representative of Concorde motorhomes, we occupy a leading position in Europe in the land yacht sector. In our showroom you will always find all the floor plans and furnishings of the market leader for luxury motorhomes.

Vehicle service

Ongoing investment in our service capacities and highly professional workshop equipment is a significant part of our good reputation. The specialist knowledge and continuous training of our employees are also the reason why our company has repeatedly received the highest awards (e.g. the "Golden C" of the German Caravaning Trade Association).

Vehicle rental

As a franchise partner of the ADAC, we are a reliable partner for the best time of the year. The proximity to our customers deepens our understanding of their concerns and helps us to continuously develop our service offerings and services in the rental of recreational vehicles.

Camping- und Outdoor-Shop 

Selection and availability also characterize the Niesmann Shop. A proud 1,250 sqm of our modernly designed, future-oriented retail space guarantees not only a unique shopping experience. The extremely high, direct product availability of camping, caravaning and leisure accessories as well as manufacturer's original spare parts facilitates shopping by convenient one-stop shopping. Customer-oriented opening hours and professional expert advise from our staff in the "Camping" and "Outdoor" competence areas also contribute to your satisfaction.

BBQ & Grill

Integrated into the Niesmann shop the competence area "BBQ & Grill" carries almost all brands established in Germany for cooking and grilling in the open air. Supported by our comprehensively trained expert staff, our 250 sqm grill exhibition with its diversified product range, the on-site installation service and an excellent price-performance ratio has gained a unique position between Cologne, Frankfurt and Trier/Luxembourg.

We live the following values:

1. performance

We provide outstanding services in the mobile leisure experience world. Our customers should not only be satisfied, they should be enthusiastic!

2. fairness & commitment

We manage our company honestly, reliably and fairly and see ourselves as customer advisors and problem solvers, not as salesmen, landlords or "screwdrivers". We listen to our customers! Our employees are motivated, committed and team-oriented. They use their knowledge and skills to find new and better solutions. We are therefore happy to promote their further training and their personal responsibility. Even good things can be improved!

3. one team

We live the values of our trading partners and strive for long-term cooperation. We treat our employees with a sense of responsibility and everyday dealings remain family-based. Trust, friendship and mutual understanding determine how we live and work together as a team.

4. environmental protection

A healthy nature and environment are essential for the caravanning industry. But also out of consideration for future generations we conserve natural resources in the best possible way. The use of any kind of energy and water is optimized regardless of the costs incurred. We produce solar power for our own use and pay attention to the avoidance and strict separation of waste.


5. criticism

We face the demands of our customers without restriction and put ourselves in their shoes. The more benefit we offer the customer, the more successful we will be. As a trading company, we know that the customer pays our salaries and learn from constructive criticism.

6. quality

A high quality standard means that we organise individual work processes, coordinate them with each other and make them binding. We cannot accept deviations in these areas. We are tolerant of any teething problems that arise when trying to implement new ideas and improvements. Only those who dare win.

7. transparency & leadership

We have clearly structured our company and defined areas of responsibility. Transparency and comprehensive information are guaranteed. We manage by means of clear communication, target agreement and control. 

8. success

Economic success is indispensable to ensure that our jobs are secure and that we can continue to inspire our customers in the future. We want success.

On this basis Niesmann Caravaning is today one of the most modern caravaning centres in Europe and has adapted to your demands as customers and people who share our passion. 

Your Niesmann Caravaning team

Unsere Auszeichnungen

Wir arbeiten immer daran, ein Höchstmaß an Qualität zu erreichen. Für dieses Engagement werden wir - unter anderem von Concorde - regelmäßig seit 13 Jahren ausgezeichnet. Zudem hat uns der Deutsche Caravaning Handels-Verband e.V. (DCHV) das Goldene C verliehen. Mit dem Goldenen C prämiert der DCHV regelmäßig besondere Leistungen in den Bereichen Beratungs-Qualität, Service und Verkauf.

Im Folgenden finden Sie eine Auswahl der aktuellsten Zertifikate und Urkunden.